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Our Program structure at Building Futures Academy is based upon the Creative Curriculum for Preschool. However, we believe that children benefit more by having exposure to many different learning materials. Due to the extensive backgrounds of our teaching staff, we are fortunate to have many, many years of hands-on experience using different curriculums, which allows us to pick and choose they very best parts from several, to develop the best programs available.

Our mission is to develop the whole child, from manners and character building, to academic excellence, and from independence and self confidence; to love and nurture them to provide a solid foundation for a successful future.


Our top quality program has allowed us the honor of scoring very highly on yearly quality assessments, well above the county's minimum requirements for care and education. Beginning at the age of two, our children are exposed to Sign Language as a form of communication. Spanish is introduced in the preschool classrooms beginning at age two.

The learning environment is structured so that each and every child has access to materials that are best suited for his or her own learning style. Children have many opportunities throughout the day to choose their activities, as well as small and large group projects and outdoor playtime! At Building Futures we strive to keep the children clean at all times, and children's belongings remain in their own cubbies.

Play Ground Areas

We have two separate playground areas to accommodate preschoolers and academy/school age children separately to allow for free exploration without restraint, and for younger children to play safely. These outdoor discovery areas are fully equipped with fans, outdoor positive music, outdoor eating areas, and shade.

Health and Safety

Your child's safety is our number one concern! Our campus has security cameras in each classroom, outside playgrounds, and continuous monitoring of the entire gated campus. We pride ourselves on our very clean, safe, and positive environment!


Now offering Accelerated Christian Education to students in Pre-K through 12th grades! This system allows your child to begin working independently at their own pace in English and Math, while maintaining classroom instruction for Social Studies and Science subject areas. Every child thrives in a very relaxed but structured environment, where the instructors are positive, motivating, and encouraging with the students! Our students LOVE school and accelerate beyond traditional levels of performance rapidly! Many students surpass standard grade levels and begin taking advanced courses of instruction much sooner than in other school settings.

PreK- 1st Grade

Each of our students have their own enclosed desk designed to not only give them their personalized space & staying focused but to prepare them early on for moving into our Academy classroom. We incorporate music & movement, memorizing Bible verses, goal setting, cursive introduction, devotions, P.E, etc.


The classroom is designed to be a "living" classroom, meaning the environment reflects what topics they are learning about. Everything has a concrete experience tied to it for retention of the information. Our instructors are responsible for developing supportive activities for reinforcement of the lessons that challenges children for all grade levels they are working with. They are also familiar with each individual curriculum, and are knowledgeable about what each child is learning and familiar with their upcoming lessons.


What do we offer? 

Self-Paced Program

We do not pressure a student to move along at the classes speed. With the A.C.E program, your child has a personalized plan depending on how fast or slow you desire them to move.

Parent Involvment

We hold Parent/Teacher Conferences every nine weeks to show you the student's work, areas of struggle, and mastering of skills.

We like to host our parents and families for fellowships twice per year to interact and meet one another!

Certified and Expert Instructors

Mrs Susie who is an instructor in our Academy Classroom has her Bachelor's Degree from the University of Central Florida and Master's from Nova University. Her most prized awards are the Disney Teacherrific in 2002 and the Disney Helping Hand in 2004.

Accelerated Christian Education

After much research, deliberation, and testimonials of successful people who learned through the ACE/PACE program, we have decided that this will be our school-wide choice for our core curriculum. This was not a decision made in haste. We really want to lift our students up to the next level of learning, to enable them to move forward with truly individualized learning, and maximize their experience of Skill Level learning, rather than assigned Grade Levels of instruction.

The students will be assessed through a placement test into their level of reading and math that is comfortable for them, to build confidence of success, yet challenge the students to think more critically.

Parents will be able to physically see the work being completed and have more confidence in the program as they begin to fill-in Gaps in Learning. Get ready to watch your child transform!


The students work at their own pace on individual skill levels in each subject area with guidance and support from Classroom Instructors and Monitors, using the Accelerated Christian Education Program (ACE/PACE) as our core curriculum. It is a Christian based curriculum which connects the workbooks to be completed with Reading, DVDs, Hands-On Experiments, Cursive Writing, Finances, etc. Our teachers help support the lessons with innovative techniques, virtual field trips, and other research activities.

Health and Physical Education is taught daily! We have many different opportunities for the students to learn sports skills including, volleyball, soccer, basketball, etc.

Elementary- Highschool

Here at Building Futures Academy utlizing the A.C.E program, we incorporate classes such as Personal Finance (Budgeting, College Planning, Credit & Debt), Business Math (Balancing a checkbook, Interest, Wages, Taxes), Entreprenuership, Cursive Writing, Foreign Languages, Speech, Health, Art, Music, etc. 

Do skills kill creativity?

"Thank You for the ongoing assessment of the best plan for students. It is very refreshing to have flexibility and not have to conform to one size fits all mentality. Thank you for having swings at your school and allowing children to run freely on the playground. Thank you for snack time and social time. And absolutely thank you for prayer time. These simple things were taken from my daughter in the public school or never afforded and I am grateful every day for these simple things that bring her joy." 

-Kristin R.

"We are so excited we found your school! Your love and dedication to children is so evident. I feel the sincerity and desire you feel toward education and improving the system for our kids and for all students in general. I commend you for starting this school program and for giving our kids an opportunity to be taught the way they should be... at their own pace and their level. You are bringing back the fun in the classroom yet meeting academic needs at the same time. You are an answer to my prayers and an answer to my many night worrying over my daughter. I feel at peace now and am grateful to you. God help you as you bless the students and give back what public school took away from them."

- Bobby & Diane W.

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