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         Our Mission Statement
To provide top quality education to young people through excellence with teaching staff that think outside the box, by instructing to all learning stlyes in ways that children truly understand. To build a solid foundation through a love of reading and learning to achieve successfull futures! To raise strong and confident young people that influence society for generations to come, by developing well-rounded both socially and academically, as well as emotionally.  

  State House of Representative, Jennifer Sullivan, came by to participate in our National School Choice Week activities!  
At the age of 23, Ms. Sullivan is the youngest person ever to hold an elected position in our state's government.  You may not know that she was a home-schooled student and used the Accelerated Christian Education Curriculum. This is the very program we have chosen to utilize in our classrooms beginning the 2015-2016 school year!


So Why Building Futures?


      First, and foremost, we are a Christian based school.  We have daily devotional and our staff are encouraged to talk about the many blessings God has bestowed up us all.  Today, so many children are experiencing challenges in other school settings and are left feeling defeated, frustrated and lost in the crowd.  We have a unique program for parents that wish to home school their children, but feel that they are not qualified to teach their child, or must have a job outside of the home.  We have experienced teachers that engage the students in their lessons, in the classroom, and out in the community for real life/hands-on experiences!  Every child, whether high school or pre-school, learns the very same way; by association and concrete experience. Field trips are incorporated to help children experience the world around them.
     Here at Building Futures Academy teaching is actually FUN again for our instructors, as they are not consumed by paperwork, or simply teaching to a test!  We focus on assessments that are geared towards success on College Preparatory Exams such as the SAT & ACT, rather than Common Core.  If the information is taught correctly and absorbed by the students, the children will learn the material and be naturally successful on any exam given.

Why not send my child to a free Public School?

      Public schools have now been taken over by our government in that they tend to spend more time testing the students or dealing with behaviors than actually teaching core concepts! The administrations feel the pressure to have students performing at certain levels, and in turn the teachers become frustrated and the students ultimately pay the price.  The fear that is instilled in children about taking state mandated exams is totally unnecessary. Often, children are being taught at a skill level for which they have not mastered the foundational knowledge necessary to be successful, and students are being advanced without passing the curriculum.  Public Schools are held accountable for the poor performance by their students, which in turn affects the amount of government funding the schools are granted each year.  Teachers pay is also directly affected by the scores of his/her students.  

      More and more children are experiencing bullying in the public school setting, losing their self-esteem, and developing behavioral issues under the pressures and negativity surrounding low performance.  The "sit still and be quiet" mentality has dominated the Public School setting and movement learners are made to conform, causing distress to the child and a lack of true learning. More importantly, teachers are not allowed to build the children up on the solid foundation of Christ, and students are not excelling at their own pace.  Building Futures Academy was founded upon the belief that education should be individualized as all children are different.  It is unrealistic to believe that you can teach to a classroom of 20 students of the same age and expect that all students are understanding the material, being challenged, and not feeling overwhelmed or bored.  That is why Skills Based Learning is so vital.  Here students are diagnosed through the Master Curriculum to determine what specific skills they are lacking, and assigned very small, non-intimidating workbooks for those specific skills necessary to complete their foundation of knowledge, before moving on. These are known as learning gaps, for which all students have.  However, the sooner you expose your child to this type of system, the better off they are and the fewer the gaps they have to go back and master! 

    Accelerated Christian Education is about LEARNING AND MASTERY of information, while public school has become just DOING the work. In public school, the children must simply do the work, whether successful or not, with teachers needing to move on to the next concept in their agenda. Interventions are in place under the IEP program, however, there is little time in a teachers schedule to afford these allowances for children. Many of the strategies of an IEP are already built into our program for all students, such as as much time as needed to take exams, one on one tutoring when they struggle, and testing when they are ready not as a whole class.  If a student in our program is unsuccessful on an assignment, our teachers know immediately and are able to assist that child one on one, to help them master those areas before attempting the assignment again.  This then allows the child to feel more in control of their grades and destiny, by choosing how much effort they want to expend the first time on a subject, rather than feeling as if they have failed and can do nothing about it. Likewise, students that are advanced may work ahead at their own pace and accomplish multiple terms of instruction in just one term.
      How Do We Teach?                                                                   
                                                                                                   A Few of Our Honor students
Trained and experienced Supervisors and Monitors know that some students MUST move in order to learn. Therefore, new and innovative tools are woven into the lesson planning to accommodate ALL children. Students may earn the privilege of listening to Positive Music while learning to help them focus.  We have a relaxed environment in which children choose which subject they want to work on first, have individual Offices to work in, rather than conventional desks, and work independently at their own pace.

      All students learn to set their own daily goals and keep track of their progress, thereby preparing them for adult work-life as well. Incentives are a big part of our program in that the students are recognized weekly for their achievements and earn Merits for passing assignments, excellent character displayed, and many other reasons.  They have access to a monthly Merit Store to spend their hard earned merits and can earn a day in the Reward Room every three weeks!
    The daily schedule is broken into small blocks of time to incorporate the four core subjects, as well as elective courses that each child may select based upon their individual interests. Physical education and recess are an everyday occurrence to help children with learning to be healthy physically, socially, spiritually, and emotionally.
    The classroom is designed to be a "living" classroom, meaning the environment reflects what topics they are learning about. Everything has a concrete experience tied to it for retention of the information.  Our instructors are responsible for developing supporting activities for reinforcement of the lessons that challenges children for all grade levels they are working with.  They are also familiar with each individual curriculum, and are knowledgeable about what each child is learning and familiar with their upcoming lessons.

    Immediately after students join us they express their feelings of acceptance and the teachers true concern for their well-being, their relief from the tremendous pressure they felt, and they LOVE school again!  Come see what education was meant to be and how your child to thrive again in school !

We look forward to working with you to make
your child’s education a great success story!
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