Lake County's 1st Non-Traditional School - Company Message
                        following the 2018-2019 School Year
   Building Futures Academy and Preschool (BFA) provides a structured summer program filled with activities, arts and crafts, water days, weekly themes and fun filled Field Trips to enhance students learning experiences throughout the summer months.  Students are encouraged to read as well, and many games are designed to reinforce learned skills through fun and play, in hopes that they will retain more over the long break from school. Review/tutoring time is also provided.
Field Trips (Calendar to be posted shortly)
   Field Trip days are typically scheduled twice each week for graduates of K & Up. Students MUST arrive NO LATER than 8:30am to attend these special outings!  No compensation will be given for children that arrive late and cannot attend Field Trips as they are pre-paid and guaranteed numbers attending MUST be reported weeks in advance. * Note: Field Trips are a privilege that is EARNED and the students that are allowed to attend is left to the sole discretion of management.  Students exhibiting inappropriate behaviors may be detained from these outings for safety reasons, and will be required to remain with the younger students on campus until our arrival back to the school. 

The students will be divided up between Kindergarten graduates-2nd grade graduates. And 3rd grade graduates- 6th grade graduates. Each group will go on 2 different field trips throughout the weeks with their age group. 
Monday through Friday from 6:30am to 6:00pm
                              $90 per week, per child       
  Includes all Field Trips 
                          Full summer only (8 weeks) May 30th thru Aug. 4th 
                                          * No Vacation Weeks are available 

        Registration Fee:  $50 per child (if new) one time only
              One week reservation fee required of $100 
                  (to be applied towards the final week of summer care)
  Lunch, and two healthy snacks are required each day they are dropped off for care.  On Field Trip days, most meals will be provided at an off-site facility, therefore a brown bag lunch is encouraged to prevent lost items away from the school.  However, we will maintain the NO NUTS ALLOWED Policy to protect our students with severe allergies.

Summer Schedule and Application:

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