Lake County's 1st Non-Traditional School - Company Message
Election Day
Write an essay on the upcoming Election and the Candidates. 

Share your views on what issues you believe are important, and what you like and dis-like about the Election process.  

Compare the Democratic Party to the Republican Party, then complete a comparison of the Candidates.  

What issues do they agree on, which are different and why?

Compare views to past presidencies and ancient civilizations.  Do you see history repeating itself in anyway?

Nutrition Project:
Just how much sugar am I ingesting daily?
Make a list of all food items in your home (pantry, frig, & freezer)
Note serving sizes & sugar content of each
Create a "typical day's" menu and the total amount you typically take in each day

Challenge: Delete everything over 20 g. of sugar in the home 
Two weeks: Limit your intake of sugar to under 50 g. of sugar daily
Note how you feel, sleep, energy level, & mood after the two week period
P.E. Grade

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