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Why Building Futures Academy?

First and foremost, we are a Christian based school. We have daily devotional and our staff are encouraged to talk about the many blessings God has bestowed upon us all. Today, so many children are experiencing challenges in other school settings and are left feeling defeated, frustrated and lost in the crowd. We have a unique program for parents that wish to home school their children, but feel that they are not qualified to teach their child, or must have a job outside of the home. We have experienced teachers that engage the students in their lessons, in the classroom, and out in the community for real life/hands-on experiences! Every child, whether high school or preschool, learns the very same way; by association and concrete experience.

Here at Building Futures Academy teaching is actually FUN again for our instructors, as they are not consumed by paperwork, or simply teaching for a test! We focus on assessments that are geared towards success on College Preparatory Exams such as IOWA Assessments, SAT, & ACT rather than Common Core. If the information is taught correctly and absorbed by the students, the children will learn the material and be naturally successful on any exam given.

Should I send my child to Public School?

Times have changed. Public schools have now been taken over by our government in that they tend to spend more time testing the students or dealing with behaviors than actually teaching core concepts! The administrations feel the pressure to have students performing at certain levels, and in turn the teachers become frustrated and the students ultimately pay the price. The fear that is instilled in children about taking state mandated exams is totally unnecessary. Often, children are being taught at a skill level for which they have not mastered the foundational knowledge necessary to be successful, and students are being advanced without passing the curriculum. Public Schools are held accountable for the poor performance by their students, which in turn affects the amount of government funding the schools are granted each year. More often then not, the teacher's pay is also directly effected by the scores of his/her students.

More and more children are experiencing bullying in the public school setting, losing their self-esteem, and developing behavioral issues under the pressures and negativity surrounding low performance. The "sit still and be quiet" mentality has dominated the Public School setting and movement learners are made to conform, causing distress to the child and a lack of true learning. More importantly, teachers are not allowed to build the children up on the solid foundation of Christ, and students are not excelling at their own pace. Building Futures Academy was founded upon the belief that education should be individualized as all children are different. It is unrealistic to believe that you can teach to a classroom of 20 students of the same age and expect that all students are understanding the material, being challenged, and not feeling overwhelmed or bored. That is why Skills Based Learning is so vital. Here, students are diagnosed through the Master Curriculum to determine what specific skills they are lacking, and assigned very small, non-intimidating workbooks for those specific skills necessary to complete their foundation of knowledge, before moving on. These are known as learning gaps, for which all students have. However, the sooner you expose your child to this type of system, the better off they are and the fewer the gaps they have to go back and master!


To provide top quality education to young individuals through excellence alongside phenomenal staff that think outside the box, by instructing all learning styles in ways that children truly understand. To build a solid foundation through a love of reading and learning to achieve successful futures! To raise strong and confident young adults that influence society for generations to come through well-rounded morals, ethics, principles in Christian Education.

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